The start of the adventure

I first started making cakes about 30 years ago when I was about 16.  Most of my cakes were covered in royal icing but I guess there must have been some form of modelling icing available as I remember making figures.  My first cakes were made for my family and occasionally special friends at work.  My teenage social life took me away from baking for a while but when I had my children their birthdays gave me the inspiration to rekindle my hobby. As the years passed I aspired to make the next cake an improvement on the previous one and people started complimenting me on them and then asking if I’d make one for them. As the requests started coming more frequently I decided to leave my part-time job to set up my own business and it was the best thing I ever did.  I would say its a labour of love, its never going to make me a millionaire but I love the whole process and I gain in other ways too. 

Over the next few weeks I’m planning to show you round my kitchen, show you how I organise my space, tell you about my favourite cake decorating equipment and where I buy it.  Then I’ll share with you the cakes I make, hopefully adding tutorials on how I’ve made them and techniques I’ve learnt that you may find useful too.


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