My kitchen

For several years I’ve been struggling to run my business in a kitchen not designed for the job.  I had one cupboard that housed all my baking and cake decorating supplies and I often had to empty the contents of the cupboard to find what I needed. When I was particularly busy, another problem was finding somewhere to store the cakes and decorations. Sometimes every flat surface in the house would be covered in cakes in varies stages of decoration.  Finally, after much persuasion, my husband agreed that we would have a new kitchen.

We designed our first kitchen ourselves and while it has worked as a family kitchen, I wanted the new one designed to take into account its business use.  The photo shows my work area in the new kitchen.Image

I’m still working on the organisation but the work surface and shelving have made my life a lot easier. I have ample room for cakes in all stages of decoration and plenty of cupboard space to contain baking tins, cake boards and boxes, equipment etc. The new layout is also much easier to keep clean and tidy, an important consideration when customers frequently collect cakes from me.

Over the next few posts I’ll show you inside the cupboards and talk about any storage tips I’ve come across. To be efficient and save time it is essential that the items I use most can be accessed quickly and easily.


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