With all the space in the new kitchen I have been able to organise my business area more efficiently.  It saves so much time when everything has a place. I’ve tried to keep all the items I need for a particular job in one cupboard.

This is my baking cupboard, in here I keep all my cake tins, mixing bowls and cooling racks.  I’ve been trying to build up my collection of different size tins as I often need more than one of each.  The multi-size tins are invaluable for those odd size cakes I sometimes get asked to make and for making number cakes (its more cost effective to bake a rectangle and cut out the number shape I need, rather than buying tins in each shape and I don’t have to find space to store them).



Onto my decorating cupboard.  In this cupboard I keep most of the things I need for covering cakes, along with a few extra bits and pieces.  In here I store my fondant, icing sugars, smoothers, my mini-mat (I’ll talk about this another time), rolling pins, spirit level, spacers and a box containing dowels, wooden skewers and wires for supporting tiers and modelled figures. I also use this cupboard for cupcake cases, piping bags and bowls that I use for mixing small amounts of coloured royal icing.




I’ll take a moment here to talk about fondant.  When I started out I usually stuck with supermarket own brand fondant, mainly because it was cheap, easily available and seemed to work well.  However, supermarkets frequently decide to change the recipe of their fondant without warning and despite their reassuring words ‘new improved’ ‘easier to roll’, quite often the new recipe isn’t as good. Last year I had an order for a wedding cake and wanted to try a better quality product.  I read reviews online and decided to order Sattina.  The first difference I noticed when opening the packet was the smell, it smelled delicious and the taste didn’t disappoint.  I find most supermarket brands have a slight synthetic taste but Sattina doesn’t.  It isn’t overly sweet and customers comment on how good it tastes. It is only a little more expensive than I am used to paying but not as much as some of the other well-known high quality fondants.

If you have any questions please leave a comment. Next week is cake drum and box storage.



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