RKT – Rice Krispie Treats

Taking a break from the storage posts to talk about using Rice Krispie Treats for modelling when making cakes.  I had watched Duff on Ace of Cakes use these frequently and a couple of years ago decided to try them for myself and now use them all the time.

The recipe I use is:-

50g margarine or butter
200g marshmallows
150g crisped rice cereal

Prepare a greased dish, I use a glass Pyrex roasting dish.



Melt the margarine in a saucepan over a low heat



Once it is melted add the marshmallows



Stir until melted and mixed thoroughly with the melted margarine.



Remove from the heat and stir in the crisped rice



Spoon into the greased bowl, flatten down, cover loosely with food wrap and leave overnight to firm up.



Now for the fun part!

My brother was 50 last week and had a party at the weekend. I wanted to make him a special cake, the theme being all the things he enjoys most.  I decided to make a model of their sofa out of RKT and have a model of my brother lying on it.

First I made the basic shape from the RKT, cutting and sticking bits together as needed.



At this stage the model can be covered in a layer of buttercream which helps to smooth the shape and fill in the gaps.  I didn’t do that this time as I wanted a bit of texture to the finished sofa.  Instead I covered it in a layer of fondant and smoothed that out as much as possible. Once that had hardened slightly I added the top layer of icing and marked the cushions and leather detail using a dresden tool.



And the sofa on the finished cake




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