Storage Boxes

When I had the kitchen designed I wanted shelves that I could use either for storing equipment or for cakes in various stages of decoration.  I decided that the storage for these shelves should be neat and efficient so had been looking for the perfect storage boxes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, the boxes were either the wrong size, wrong colour etc.  These boxes were the nearest I could find:-


They are called Wham boxes and have pull out drawers.  They can also be stacked or clipped together. I do wish to purchase another two to fill the other shelves.  While the boxes don’t fill the shelves completely I like how they look and they give a neater finish than the clear plastic containers of different sizes that I had been using. I plan on printing labels for the fronts so I can see at a glance what is in each box.

I’ll just show you the inside of the one I use for food colour storage. I’ve tried several different boxes and while this is not perfect I find it easier to find what I want quickly.



I sorted the bottles into colours and cut cardboard strips to separate them.  When I get a delivery of colours I always write the colour and best before date on a sticker and put it on top.  That way I can quickly grab the colour I need and check which ones need discarding when out of date.


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