When I first started my cake decorating business I realised the importance of good cake recipes.  Customers who came to me not only wanted a personalised cake but also one that tasted good and was home-made, something different to the mass-produced supermarket cakes.

The first Madeira cake recipes I used were taken from a cake decorating book I already owned.  These worked well to begin with but over time I found I had cake failures on occasion.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on what I’d done differently when the cakes failed but I did know that having to re-make a cake for a customer ate into my profit and also my time.

I started to look for different recipes and after a while found a Facebook page for Janet Henderson of Quaint Cakes.  Her website offers a variety of cake recipes and cake decorating tutorials at a minimal cost.  I first bought her Vanilla Madeira Cake recipe and also downloaded her free conversion chart.  Since then I have bought many of her recipes and tutorials. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Firstly, the recipes are delicious, secondly, the instructions that come with each recipe/tutorial are so well written and very detailed that, if followed carefully, success is assured. Since using Janet’s recipes I have not had one failure and my cakes also look better.  Another benefit is that Janet can also be contacted by email for extra advice and help if needed. Several of her tutorials are free of charge.

You can find Quaint Cakes on Facebook or at the website here:-

You can read the many positive comments about Janet and her recipes on her Facebook page.





Pricing cakes is one of those subjects that always seems to cause arguments online. I’ve found some posts that appear to be very anti-customer. If I was a customer and read some of the ‘if you don’t like my price go to Tesco/Asda/Morrisons’ posts I would think twice about using that cake decorator.

I think pricing depends on a number of factors.  Where a business is based, the experience of the baker/decorator, overheads etc.  I live in a small village, I work from home and don’t have huge overheads. I have tiered prices, lower for simply decorated cakes, higher for more elaborate ones with modelled flowers and figures.

A factor for me is the additional benefits I get from working from home.  I can work when I choose during the day.  If I wish to go out for coffee with a friend I can and then work later.  This suits me.  The rewards for working from home are not all financial.  There is also a fine line between not charging enough and charging too much that customers think you are too expensive and go elsewhere.