Pricing cakes is one of those subjects that always seems to cause arguments online. I’ve found some posts that appear to be very anti-customer. If I was a customer and read some of the ‘if you don’t like my price go to Tesco/Asda/Morrisons’ posts I would think twice about using that cake decorator.

I think pricing depends on a number of factors.  Where a business is based, the experience of the baker/decorator, overheads etc.  I live in a small village, I work from home and don’t have huge overheads. I have tiered prices, lower for simply decorated cakes, higher for more elaborate ones with modelled flowers and figures.

A factor for me is the additional benefits I get from working from home.  I can work when I choose during the day.  If I wish to go out for coffee with a friend I can and then work later.  This suits me.  The rewards for working from home are not all financial.  There is also a fine line between not charging enough and charging too much that customers think you are too expensive and go elsewhere.


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