During the time I’ve been running my business I have had few order cancellations. I think that is partly to do with most of my customers being friends or friends of friends. It is disappointing when it does happen though, especially when it is a cake I’m looking forward to making. I appreciate there are times when it is necessary to cancel a cake order but it can be difficult to take when someone just ‘changes their mind’ or comes to you for ideas and then takes the designs elsewhere.

I have learnt my lesson with the latest cancellation. I asked for a deposit but gave a date when I wanted it by. In the meantime, because I was very busy, I started work on models for the cake. The date went past when I’d asked for the deposit, I contacted the customer, still no deposit. A couple of days later I asked her outright whether she still wanted the cake and got a ‘no’ back.

This situation gave me the idea for my next post. I don’t think people appreciate the time and effort that goes into making a cake so my next post will be ‘The Life of a Cake’, a cake order from start to finish.


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