The Life of a Cake (Part 2)

Part two begins once the customer has decided on a design. I make a list of all the items I’ll need to complete the cake, check my stock for the correct size cake drum/box, paste colours etc and if necessary order anything I need.  I try to keep a good stock of most things I need to prevent placing small orders for a few bits and pieces (post and packing can be expensive) but some cakes do need specialised items.  I don’t charge an individual customer extra for buying specialist equipment as I assume I’ll use anything I buy on other cake orders.

This leads on to where I buy my equipment and consumables.  For the basic cake ingredients, flour, sugar, eggs etc I use my local supermarket.  I probably should consider buying in bulk more to save money and increase my profit margin but that would mean making a special trip to stock up and having somewhere to store it all.  Sometimes cost isn’t the only factor to consider, convenience and time cost matter too.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a good cake decorating supplies shop close to me so I do shop online frequently.  The only problem with that is not being able to see what the products are like, size, quality etc so every once in a while I take the time to visit the nearest suppliers to me and stock up on items that I feel will be useful in the future.

Finding the right product at the right price can be time consuming.  I am working on making a list of suppliers I use frequently and their prices for certain items so I can see at a glance which one will offer me the best price when I need to place an order.


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