Paste Colours (cont’d)

I need to get more organised with blogging.  Life always seems to get in the way, between running a business, a home and keeping all the balls of family life up in the air, there seems little time to sit down at the computer and write.

Anyway I’m going to continue on with the paste colour tests.  I hope they’re helping you, they have certainly helped me in the past few months. Something else I’ve found a help when it comes to colour schemes for cake is the book ‘Creative colour for decorating’ by Lindy Smith.  It contains 20 colourful projects as well as helpful advice on working with colour.

Sugarflair  – Cream


Sugarflair – Primrose


Sugarflair – Egg Yellow/Cream


Sugarflair – Honey Gold


Sugarflair – Paprika/Flesh


Sugarflair – Peach


ProGel – Orange


Sugarflair – Tangerine/Apricot



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