The Colour Purple

Purple fondant that is. A notoriously difficult colour to achieve with fondant.  The problem, apparently, arises from the ‘red’ tone in the paste colours fading quickly, especially in daylight.

I’m making a wedding cake next week that needs purple flowers.  This is the fabric sample I wanted to match them to.


I mixed a few paste samples to test the different purple paste colours I had.  These are the results.


The Wilton Violet turned out to give the best match to the fabric.


However, when I mixed it with flower paste rather than fondant it did not behave the same.  I mixed the paste to match the colour and made a couple of flowers.  The next day when I checked them I found the colour had faded considerably and was more blue than purple.


I started investigating ways to improve the colour and keep it more stable once mixed.  There isn’t that much information available online.  Some posts suggested adding baking soda others adding extra red paste colour.  I didn’t know whether the baking soda would affect how the flower paste worked so didn’t want to risk that.  I thought I’d try adding different colour pastes to it.  I added a lot more Violet colour to one sample (left in the photo), I added a touch of red to another sample (middle in the photo) and a touch of pink to the last one (the colour I wanted to make had quite a pink tone to it).  These are the results.


Adding red changed the colour too much, adding pink gave a nice tone but it faded quickly.  So far I’ve achieved the colour I wanted by adding a lot more Violet colour to the paste.  The flowers I’ve made with that haven’t faded and are still a good purple colour.  I’ll post a photo of the finished cake after the wedding.

Its been a while and yes I did forget to post a photo of the finished cake – here it is.



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