The business side of things

When I first decided to start a cake business I can’t say I gave the business side of it much thought.  Yes I knew I had to register with the local Environmental Health Department, sort out insurance etc but deciding what customers I was aiming for, how to advertise, what to charge, these things didn’t cross my mind.

If I’m honest, I’ve only just started to really consider the business of making cakes even though I’ve been selling my cakes for several years.

What has made me think of these things?

I can’t remember where I discovered Cake Coach Online.  I think it was via a post on Facebook, I downloaded a couple of free guides and signed up for email updates.  A few months ago I purchased the order form and cake pricing calculator, these both quickly became invaluable in keeping track of orders/costings.  They are both excel spreadsheets that are quick and easy to complete.

Recently I’ve also signed up for the Cash for Cakes online course.  I’ve completed the first month’s module which deals with starting up a cake business, figuring out the market you are aiming for, setting up an action plan and more.  The course has made me think of things I’d never considered regarding my business and I think as the course goes on I am going to learn a lot that will definitely make me more successful.

Whether you’re just starting out or been making cakes for a while but are unsure as to how to run the business side of things, I’d definitely recommend checking out all that’s on offer from Cake Coach Online.