How do I exercise at University?

Rebecca Lynda

For the majority of students, exercise is the last thing on their minds. While P.E is compulsory at school, there is no one at university telling you that you need to be active and do sport or exercise. So, it’s all down to personal motivation!

 I don’t have time!…I don’t have the money!…I’m too tired to exercise!..I’ve got too much else to do! Sound familiar?….

Parties, alcohol, junk food, late nights, early lectures, work load – all influence health and at the end of the day, it’s all about priorities. I understand that to some people their health isn’t a priority – whether this is intentional or not! Obviously considering the career I want to go into to – health is a major priority for me and I really want to try and influence that in others. I will mention that exercise is something I enjoy which is obviously a…

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