Defining Success

Cake art is big business; more so than ever it seems.  There are many famous ‘cake people’.  I guess a lot of them are only famous within the cake world but if you are in any way connected with making and decorating cakes, there are some names that you will definitely be aware of.  There are also, of course, those that have appeared on our TV screens that a larger audience are familiar with. Did they set out to be famous or just to be the best at what they do?

Does having a cake business mean that I should also strive for ‘fame’?  Would I want to be famous?  Is that the definition of success for a cake artist?

Making a healthy profit would also be seen as being successful, I’m still working on that! Future success for me would be to have a book of cakes published.

At present I feel successful every time I make a customer happy with the cake I’ve made them, especially if the cake has been a challenge. I’m content with that, for now.

How do you define success in your business?